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Bloke needing microphone repair after change of heart (7)


I believe the answer is:


'bloke' is the definition.
Both the answer and definition are singular nouns.
Maybe they are linked in a way I don't understand?

'microphone repair after change of heart' is the wordplay.
I cannot really see how this works, but
'microphone' could be 'mic' and 'mic' is located in the answer.
'heart' could be 'h' (card game abbreviation) and 'h' is found in the answer.
This explanation may well be incorrect...

'needing' acts as a link.

(Other definitions for michael that I've seen before include "Man's name" , "George -, pop singer" , "Man" , "- Faraday, English scientist" , "American musician (originally one of 5)" .)

I've seen this clue in The Times.
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