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Good old man receiving censure for spirit, ... (6)


I believe the answer is:


Here is my best explanation:

'spirit' is the definition.

(I've seen this before)

'good old man receiving censure' is the subsidiary indication.

'good' becomes 'g' (abbreviation).

'old man' becomes 'pa' ('pa' can be a synonym of 'old man'**).

'receiving' is an insertion indicator.

'censure' becomes 'rap' (I've seen this before).


'gpa' enclosing 'rap' is 'grappa'.

'for' is the link.

(Other definitions for grappa that I've seen before include "Spirit distilled from fermented grape remains", "Brandy made from wine press residue", "Italian liqueur made from residue of grapes after pressing", "Spirit distilled from grapes", "Italian spirit", "Distilled spirit", "Brandy from fermented pressed grape residue", "An Italian brandy", "Type of brandy" and "Italian firewater".)


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